Name: Taylor or Tay
Age: 17: English
Gender: female
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Hobbies & interests: reading, long drives, drawing/designing(tattoos mainly), hiking, Netflix, writing, exploring the outdoors
Likes: spending time with those close to me, talking, seeing new places, being outside, dreary weather, good books, sunsets/the sky, astronomy, mythology, equality, ideas, nature, tattoos
Dislikes: racism, sexism, Japanese food, cats aren’t really my thing, rude humans, dishonesty, reckless driving, close minded people
What I’m looking for in a pen pal: no specific gender, preferably from a different country or across the country, English speaking, someone who will keep me on my toes with letters, someone with similar interests or maybe not(I’m really up for anything), written letters through mail preferably
How to contact me: best and quickest way would be through my personal email ( I’m up for anyone and everyone who would like to try this out! Hope to talk to some of you soon 🙂

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