Hello! My name is Camille, and I hail from the other side of the world; Philippines 😀 im 24 years old but i feel like im too hyper and clingy. ESPECIALLY, when im excited with something.

i guess im an ambivert type of person? i love books, sleeping, food, music, and performing. i dont know what more i can say besides that. my life mostly just revolves around those things. 

  • i’m looking for a someone that is around 18 above, any gender/race/sexuality is fine with me, i would love to meet all kinds of people and I would love to learn from you guys whether it be language,culture, history, ANYTHING.
  • we can exchange emails or be skype buddies first then maybe do the snail mail part as we go along. we can send small packages to each other too! 
  • i am almost ALWAYS online, so just email me, and I will reply usually as soon as I read it. a note though, if you find me boring just tell me, dont just stop communicating out of the blue. 

thank you very much. hope to hear from you guys soon. 

you can contact me here in tumblr :
or email me at ms.camshu @ gmail .com

random fact about me: i can sleep for 14 hours straight without getting up for food/toilet. i also can sleep anywhere.

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