Hi! My name is Allison! I am a 19 year old female, living in North Carolina, US. I can only speak English.

My interests and hobbies include my ukulele, music of (almost) any kind, art, and beauty. I start cosmetology school very soon. I like animals, giraffes are my favorite, and am a very open minded and easy going person. I am also a huge horror person. I love anything scary. The only things I don’t like are most rap music, most 80’s music, and most metal music. Other than that, feel free to throw your interests and likes and hobbies in my face.

I’m open to anything when it comes to my pen pal. I’ve never had a pen pal before. Location, and gender doesn’t matter to me. Someone 18-25 would be nice, since I am 19. Email and snail mail are fine with me! I can send letters, or emails, or gifts. Doesn’t matter to me!

If you are SERIOUSLY interested or have any questions about me, you can contact me through my tumblr: or my email:


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