Looking For Buddies :D


I’m going to try to keep this short and we can find out more about each other in a conversation I guess. 🙂 You can call me Zelda and I am a freshman in high school. I live in the U.S., I was born in Yokosuka, Japan, and I’ve moved 6 times in my life. I’ve been studying Japanese for almost a year so I’m not too shabby at Japanese conversations (I’m probably lying to myself idk). I have some really weird hobbies like butterfly gardening (long story) and I’m a lurker on Reddit and Imgur.

Likes: Twenty One Pilots (if you like TØP then we are instant friends don’t even worry about it lmao), The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo, Instagram, Japan, learning, taking really long showers and staying in the towel for 60 years, and YouTube.

Dislikes: People who take gender/sexuality identification WAY too far (a simple straight, bisexual, or gay is all you need imo), most seafood, people who are not understanding towards other’s opinions (obviously), and people who think they are waaayyyy smarter than they actually are.

What I’m Looking For: I’d like someone between 13-16 and is fine with having a variety of conversations, basically just ranging from really basic and short convos to long, drawn-out convos. I can’t do snail-mail so you’re gonna have to be okay with that. I’m looking for a real, long-term friend who I can have lots of conversations with on Kik. Any gender and race is fine. 🙂 I’d prefer for someone not-too-serious but not too immature either, if that makes any sense.

Contact: Okay so I forgot to keep this short and sweet but you can message me and see what I look like in my Kik profile picture; My Kik is _ZeldaFeb. From there we can find more ways of talking and learn more about each other and all that jazz!

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