Hello! My name is Krystalina and I am a 17 year old girl currently resideing in the state of massachusttes, US! Born in Russia and raised in america! 

An art student who likes colourful things! I focus mostly in watercolour and acrylics however i dabble in most other things! I play the ukalele and the viola! I love music and making playlists along with exploring remote places and doing crazy adventures at random times! I like chocolate and I have a huge sweet tooth! Candy from other nations is so intriguing to me and I want to sample fun candy from all over the world. I’m just a passonate person who lives their life passonatly!! I work with dogs which makes me very happy, I love dogs! Daucshunds esspecially! I plan to own a cat and a daucshund one day in an appartment or house. I may look small but I have a big heart!

I am looking for anyone who is interested in being a snail mail, email, skype, or small packages or swapping art Pals. I would like to stress how important safety is to me and that I want my pen pal or pals to be safe and happy when talking to me! I love learning new things so those who live in another country such as Europe, Australia, Russia, or United States. It helps if you do speak english. I can help if needed be! penpals between the ages of 16-20 are preferable but I am open to any and all people! 

moviecutie17 @
krysta_lina on instagram
krysta_lina on twitter

I am a world traveler and have read Harry Potter in four diffrent languages! 

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