Hey!  my name is megan, I’m 15, and I live in New Jersey,  USA.  

I’m really into bands like my chemical romance,  fall out boy, twenty one pilots (I’m seeing them in concert next month!!) panic! At the disco (them too! ), the cab,  etc.  So I really love bands. 

I love Theatre and shows,  and so far I’ve seen 6 Broadway shows,  so if you’re into that, noice. I’ve also been in a lot of shows,  and I’ve been doing them since I was 10 (I’m doing one right now actually )

BOOKS.  Alrighty,  so I have hundreds of books and I love to read so if y’all are up for recommendations and talking about what went through Rowling’s head when she named Harry’s kids after snape and dumbles, then you should definitely talk to me. (my favorites are harry Potter,  percy Jackson, iron Fey,  Anna and the french kiss,  etc

I love taking pictures,  writing,  nature,  and making journals as well 🙂

I love art, drawing,  beanies,  dogs, octopi, I want to travel so that too, how I met your mother, SSB, writing, you know,  the works. 

This entire thing sounds awful so sorry about that . 

And for things I hate,  I’m gonna go with steel wool,  metro station, and pineapple on pizza (I mean I’ve never tried it but who would think that’s a good idea?! ) 

Random fact: my brother blew our toilet up and I know most of the words to mulan 

As for what I’m looking for,  I’d say any gender,  so long as they’re close in age (probably around 13-18 but if you’re a little older or younger im fine with that) and anywhere you’re from.  It would be really cool to have a Penpal from another country, especially lesser known countries,  but if you’re in the US, that’s cool too!  

I’m looking for: snailmail penpals (if you snailmail with me, it would be great if you were creative with your letters. I always add drawings,  stickers, pictures, knick knacks,  etc. ), YouTube penpals (that would actually be really cool,  we could make a small video like once every week or 2 and set them as private. I think it would be really cool), package exchange (id love to try this! ), art exchange and i could also do kik,  tumblr message, or email,  but if I do that I may be the worst responder ever.  I’ll try though!

Contact : 
Tumblr : 
Email :Megan9107 @ yahoo . com 

Hope to hear from you!! 

BTW I have a dog and I’ll send a ton of pictures to you ok

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