I love to work out & eat healthy


Hey! I’m Kate, I’m 23 years old (24 in November) and I’m from a very small town in Ontario, Canada – which I recently moved to, I was previously living in downtown Toronto for school. 

I love to work out & eat healthy, but I’ve also become quite the foodie, so anyone that loves eating…. hey there! Beyond that, I write in my spare time (fiction and a wordpress blog), take photographs (though I recently dropped my SLR into a river so…), read a lot of historical biographies (I love history, I studied it in school as well as psychology), horseback ride & spend time with my animals (I’m a farm girl), and probably many other little, boring things. I love superhero movies (esp. Batman played by Christian Bale, I will accept no other) and the Star Wars series. I watch a million different TV shows from Orange Is The New Black, to House of Cards and Grey’s Anatomy (and Downton Abbey, obviously). 

I’d love to exchange mail (or e-mail, I guess I should try and be modern) with someone who shares some interests with me OR who just likes to talk! Preferably in my age range (20-25 years old), and I have no preferences other than that. I just want someone who’s going to have a lot to say, maybe inspire me a bit, and keep the correspondence going!

My tumblr is: sufficio.tumblr.com

My history tumblr is: thefirstwaltz.tumblr.com 

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