Hi friends


Hi future friends. My name is Daniel. I’ve called NY (US) home for 19 wonderful years. I live in the city that embodies liberty.

I’m looking to make friends from all over the world. I’m ok with any language, but I only speak English. I have got my feet wet with French and German. I would love to continue so if you know either that would be great.

Likes: Reading. I really love learning about the world and one of the best ways to do that is through books. Please give me book recommendations. Swimming. I’m not great. I just love feeling like a merman. Music. I only listen to a few genres at the moment but I’m willing to try anything.  Artists: Anavae, Troye Sivan, Marina and the diamonds, The Fray, OneRepublic. Sean Mendes PenPalling. I have a few pen pals that I speak to.  I’d really love if you can respond within a week at the most. I kinda get impatient. Kind people: I need someone who is a kind person. Even if you don’t think you’re kind please message me. I just prefer a kind person. TV shows: Fringe. If you’ve watched that I love you. Shameless. The Fosters. Any SciFi. Poetry. I’ve written some and would love for people to read them.

I’d really like to have deep intellectual conversations but it’s not necessary. I want to learn about your life and I want you to do the same.

I’d really like to be able to speak with someone from every country. I’m cool with any geographical location.

I’d like an Email buddy. If you want to Skype that has to wait until late August. I’m in camp right now and don’t have good enough internet for Skype. I’ve never done snail mail before. I might be willing to try. I’d like to get a nice amount of pen pals. Though the more I get the longer it will take me to reply. I’m sorry in advance if it takes awhile.

Whoever and wherever you are. I want you as a friend. Age doesn’t matter. I want to #GrowThroughLife with someone to call my friend.

I really like receiving long emails. My email is chaimfraiman  @ yahoo . Com

#WorkInProgress #LoveWins

Random Fact: I want to be president one day.

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