Aurora from Texas


First name: Aurora

Age: 19 

Location: Texas, USA

Languages I speak: English (I also speak very bad german. I am learning though)

Tumblr: theRorasaurus

Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like: Well I love a lot of books and movies, I am actually more into tv shows as of late (I love a lot of the netflix originals). Honestly I love a lot of different music and im always interested in new bands!

Other interests: I am going to college for a double major in Graphic Design and Photography, so obviously I love those things. I really love arts in generally. I love rpg games (harvest moon, dragon age, borderlands, ect). I’m super into tattoos (i have 3) and cosplay, cause im actually a big nerd. I am also a feminist and genderfluid/pansexual so it wouldn’t be best if you are against these things to message me. 

Oh! I also collect BJDs, I have about 10 of them and use them as subjects/characters for my photography  🙂 Would be super cool to find someone else interested as well, or if you want to find out about them, I can teach you too 😛 

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy: I would love someone overseas. I really have this big package idea!!! I want to send mail and gifts and cards and talk. (but please know that it stresses me out to have people pressure me for responses and sometimes it does take me a little bit). I would prefer someone 17-25. I only want friendship, so please be considerate of that. 

Preferred method of contact: emailing would be better than tumblr for the long term but I also really want to send actual letters and packages, email is just great for day to day things and talking (better than tumblr since you can look back at the messages). 

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