Im Ale. 24. Lima, Peru, South America.

Im on a long journey to become a full-time Animator. Currently I’m a colorist and work in film post-production. Also i like making vector art and crafty stuff. I love what i do and i never stop learning <3

Likes – Animation, Films, Childrens books, Food, Traveling, Arts and Crafts. Ill leave it there for now, save the rest for later.

I’ve had a couple of pen pals on the past but they stop writing. Id like it to be different this time and i would like to restart writing again, so message me if you are REALLY up to it.

I would like to meet people from around the world and get to know more about places I haven’t yet seen. Spanish or English, around my age (24-30) would be perfect. Preferably someone who shares my interests. I like to exchange small gifts every once in a while, so take that into consideration as well! (Intl postage prices, regulations, etc.)

*Im moving to Barcelona next year to pursue a masters degree in filmmaking, if you are from there, write to me and maybe we can get to meet each other.

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