Northern European pen pal wanted!

Hey y’all! I’m Tita, a freckled 25 year young, proud pagan, freelance Music Photographer and a cosplayer by hobby from Lisbon, Portugal!

I’m interested in knowing about the cultures from the different countries of Northern Europe.

Likes: Travelling, Halloween, Scuba-Diving, Going to Karaoke bars to make a fool of Myself, Learning about Science and Astronomy, Watching bad Syfy Movies that turn out to be great by being so bad, Vikings (the TV series and the real Vikings), Making TOP10 lists, Imagining what to do during a Zombie Apocalypse scenario, Learning about Ancient European History, Reading, Knowing different cultures, Trying new Food…

What makes me crazy: The usual stuff (animal cruelty, fake people, rumors…), Being stuck in a routine and finding that someone gave me Sugared Popcorn at the movies when I specifically asked for the Salty ones!!

Random fact: I already have a lovely pen pal from the US and I’ve already been to more than 10 countries.

I’m looking for someone from NORTHERN EUROPE (Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Scotland…) interested to be a long term SNAIL MAIL PAL to talk about different topics and to trade art, cultural information and small gifts. I would prefer someone that speaks English (good or bad), please 🙂

Any gender, ages 20 and up.

Message me at
and let’s see if we hit if off!

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