My name is Lizeth (you can call me Liz if you want) I’m 20 years old living in the biggest little city in the world, other known as Reno NV. Think of it as a baby Las Vegas 🙂 I moved to Nevada 10 years ago so I’ve been here a while. I don’t necessarily love it but it’s home. I’ve made some long lasting friends here. Although it’s great having people to talk to, I’d like to make new friends to write to. I’d be interested in snail mail or email if you’re not ok giving out your address. Age range I would be ok if someone be at least 17 but would prefer 18 and over.
International or not doesn’t matter to me. Hope to hear from some of you.
(^ ^)
Email- lunaliz519 @ gmail .com
Tumblr- lizcat
Here are some things about me
• I spend my free time browsing my local thrift shop (it’s like a warehouse) for books that just keep stacking up lol I should really stop but I can’t.
•I like baking but hate it at the same time because I don’t have the patience, when it comes to sweets, to wait hours for them to set.
• my favorite class this semester is my sociology class. Teachers great, she makes lectures sound like music to my ears.
• I enjoy doodles. All the notebooks I have for note taking in class are filled with them , I just can’t help myself.
• I took a French class back when I was in high school and the only thing I learned from that is how to dress. My teacher was hip. Oh yeah and I can count to ten ha!
• my roommate made me her cats Auntie. I know… Well their names are mak and dusty their adorable. But my heart belongs to a ginger cat named mr. Cheese. He belongs to my brother and his wife but they are ok with sharing him:)
• I currently work in retail, and let me tell that shit is cray. It’s like people loose their humanity when they enter a store. (They think they own us)
• I’m a big fan of tapestry, I have a couple hanging on my walls.
•I’m not a big fan of summer, the heat is to much. 100 degrees? No thanks.
• I really like going to concerts/ musical festivals I went to edc Las Vegas this summer and that was awesome, except the heat part. My favorite I’d say are the rock concerts those are really fun. I go any where with music doesn’t matter what kind.
• I wear glasses, unlike most people I really don’t like contacts, we just don’t get along.
There’s a lot more about me stuff but I think my brains falling asleep on me.

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