I’m from the Midlands in the UK


Name – Beka
Age – 21
Where I Live – UK

Hi I’m Beka! I’m from the Midlands in the UK and I’m a student mental health nurse who has a lot of varied interests and would love a penpal to both share these interests with, but also be able to discover new interests from. I have terrible social anxiety but I love getting to know people and I think that writing just gives that little more of a window into someone, as well as making sure that I don’t feel like I’m dying…


Music – I like a load of bands from McFly to Fall Out Boy to The Gaslight Anthem and everyone in between. I have seen so many bands live and it still is one of my favourite activities, nothing beats being stood in a sea of people sharing the love, and sweat, for the same band.

Films & TV – My TV and film likes vary again. I love Criminal Minds, but then I also enjoy the cheesy shows such as Catfish. My favourite films will always be the Harry Potter series, but I love so many films.. Mainly the chick flicks, I’ve never been good with horrors.

Books – I am a complete book worm. Just like films my favourite books will always be the Harry Potter series, but I do just enjoy a good chick lit, I’m more open to different kinds of books and I’m always looking for recommendations.

If you want to know more about my interests I run a blog that covers so many aspects of my life, I’ll leave the link below! I currently still live at home with my parents however I’m soon about to qualify and be a fully fledged nurse so I’m hoping to save money to drive and move out! My perfect pen pal would be anyone who has some similar interests so that we have some common ground, but also someone who I can learn things from and grow as a person. If you’re a book worm or someone who loves films I think we’ll be friends. I’m also likely to send you little gifts sometimes!

tumblr – bekathkr.tumblr.com
blog – littleworldofbeka.blogspot.co.uk
blog instagram (ask for my personal one!) – https://instagram.com/littleworldofbeka/
email – bekatheaker@hotmail.co.uk

Drop me an ask and hopefully we’ll become friends! xo

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