HIIIII My name is Leah!

(Okay lets get the boring stuff over with a quick fact file x3)

Name: Leah “Antichrist” Binnall

Age: 15 (16 in October ohh spookyyy)

Location: UK (god save the queen)

Likes: Animuuuu, Art, Culture, Creepy Stuff, ALOT OF THINGSSS!

Dislikes: Liars and Litterers??? (is this a word??)

Okay so basically I have two missions AND OFCOURSE I NEED YOU XD


1) Meet awesome new people and prehaps send letters around the world

2) Make friends with someone from every country and state in MURCIAAA XD

It is gonna be a struggle ofcourse and that is why i need everyones to help and all you have to be is human. Obviously you may not like talking to me after we have for a while but that is okay cause not everyone is alike. But that is what i want to meet people of a variety of different Ages, Races, Cultures, Genders, Sexualities, Religions and Opinions so i can be linked around the world

You can contact me on my email
or my tumblr thehomelessnetwrokinthetardis and i will get back to you and would love to add you on skype or facebook if it is easier to talk on there

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