Hey Everyone! It’s that time again!

I’m looking for new penpals! First, Here’s a bit about me…(btw this is my handwriting)

I’m Steeve. She/Her. Capricorn. 18 years old. Massachusetts, US

I listen to all sorts of Music. PROUD SUPPORTER OF LOCAL MUSICIANS & ARTISTS. I used to be addicted to NetFlix but it stopped working at my house. New first-time Homestuck reader. It’s pretty rad. Singing. Guitaring. Writing. Drawing. A.R.T. My favorite colors are blue and lime green.Doctor Who. The walking dead. Supernatural. American Horror Story. All Time Low. Set It Off. As It Is. Ice Nine Kills. Hands Like Houses. Adam Elmakias. I’m passionate about music and photography. I want to be a music photographer. And that’s it for now! Get to know me.

What I’m looking for in a Penpal:

  • With my age range (16-20) * possible exceptions
  • Any gender / sexuality / etc LGBTQIA* – friendly
  • People from places I don’t have have penpals from, please!

Here’s a list of where my current penpals are from:

  • Germany 
  • England
  • Florida, US
  • Virgina, US
  • California, US
  • Texas, US
  • Indonesia

(Also not looking for penpals from the same place as me. Massachusetts, US)

(Exceptions can and probably will be made)

(BTW, all my penpals are girls so far…but I’m not against having guy penpal(s) too)

(Forgot to mention this in the notebook but I am also open to gift-swapping)

You can contact me at

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