I’m 30. I am from rather small European country, in the Balkan peninsula. I don’t have too much free time, yet I am a fan of several TV shows, such as: Bob’s Burgers, How to Get Away with Murder, Orange is the New Black, Special Victims Unit. 

When it comes to books, I am not much of a reader, except for scientific stuff (engineering, electronics, new tech stuff, etc.). 

I love food. I love dark chocolate, I like healthy food. I love running, sports. 

I don’t like bigots. I dated both men and women, so if anybody has problem with this, don’t bother to write 🙂

I love architecture, that is, I enjoy beautiful buildings, or photos of them. I like traveling, and have traveled a lot. One of the most beautiful cities I have visited is Porto, Portugal. I have been there more than once, and I love the food, wines, architecture and the nightlife. I am not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy a glass or two 🙂

I love that feeling of learning new stuff, of getting to know how everything works. If I had more time I would just go to all the courses I could. I love learning new languages (although I am not too good at it). Besides English, I speak, not well but still, German and Polish.

For me ultimate happiness is: to live, be healthy, to love and be loved, enjoy everyday work and be good at it.

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