My ad for a pen pal


name Ericka

age 23

location Georgia, US

languages English


Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like

  • books-  ya, syfy, fantasy, Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, and many more. i also adore comics
  • films The Full Monty, disney, action, horror, any superhero movie, the expendables
  • tv oitnb, ahs, spn, the middle, htlj, spartacus and soooo many more
  • music pop, bubblegum pop, punk pop, country, celtic, movie sound tracks

Other interests: writing, baking, binge watching tv shows and movie marathons, dancing, going out with friends, coffee, tea

What I would like in a penpal- I do not mind the location, preferably between the ages of 18-25

Preferred method of contact: We can start emailing then go onto to snail mail and swapping packages . if your interested please send me an ask 🙂

random fact-  i’ve never built a blanket fort.

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