Name: Anna

Age: 15 (16 in December)

Location: NYC

Language: English, (learning Spanish,Tagalog, German and Japanese) 

Interests: I’m a very outdoorsy person, I love to travel all over New york city and go to central park and any diner I haven’t hit up yet (typically southeast asian cuisine places). I’m very big on music (rock, k-pop, j-rock, rap, etc.) books, film, writing, cultural appreciation, and photography. I love playing volleyball, fencing, soccer(fútbol) and basketball. I have also been a vegetarian for (3 years Jan.1) and I love to write about deep topics people don’t usually bring up as much as we should, I like to keep things real. In 2 years, i’m hoping to study as a film/editing major in college and work with computers for the time being. When i’m indoors, to spend my free time I usually watch anime, asian dramas from Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, write, read manga, literature, screen writes, do html codes, and sleep… a-lot.

Preference: Honestly, anyone of any age, as long as you’re respectful and open minded to new things. I really want a friendship with someone that lasts for a long time, not a couple of weeks. Also, someone who I can have interesting meaningful conversations with.

Dislikes: Rudely ignorant people, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, obnoxiously loud people on public transportation, bugs, presentations in class, etc.  

Contact: Url: Shigatsusakura.co.vu (East-dispute.tumblr.com)

Email: Annieamnesia@gmail.com  

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