Hello Love! I’m here for lovely snail mails penpals and here’s my introduction 🙂 And I’m the one in black n white dress xx

Name: Jenny

Location: Hong Kong, China

Age: 14

Likes: Doing photography with the nature, staying indoor, things with simple images, artsy things, books, movies, pastas, chocolate, pizzas, cheesecakes (l’m definitely a foodie!!), listening music, R&B, Taylor Swift, singing without audience, sleeping, dreaming, the color green, Autumn, deep talks, long letters, crafting, drawing, kind people and more! <3

Dislikes: Probably mean and rude people, sports, hot and humid, rainy.That’s all!

Communicate with: I would always prefer a long term snail mail pal! I love getting long and heart warming letters or even care packages! Those lovely words can always make me smile 🙂 Hopefully we can meet one day and even become best friends & soulmate <3

Preferences: I don’t have any preferences!  I don’t mind different ages, genders, countries. As long as we can send snail mails & packages!

Contact: If you want to talk to me,  please leave me a message to my: 
or email me: jennylws57 @

I’m waiting for you! 🙂

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