Hello tumblr people!!
I’m Zara, 20 years old, from São Paulo Brazil.
I love snail mail and the whole process of it! I’ve had a couple of penpals in life but now im looking for new ones <3

About me:
I am currently studying graphic design, also trying be an art director, love art and cinema. I’m a huge tv and movies watcher, currently waiting on tons of shows to come back. I love cartoons and disney related anything, fan of regular show and gravity falls (oh god gravity falls <3) Im into mistery/horror themed things, i love halloween (although its not at all a holiday here), hmmm what else.. dinosaurs, theme parks, abandoned places, harry potter, some youtubers, pixar, art from movies, travelling. Ah, i’m also half english, i was born in bristol. It’d be great to find someone with similar taste but honestly, i’ll talk about anything and i’m really interested about what you like.

I would love to get to know new cultures and places, so i’ll accept penpals from anywhere. I really want to do lots of snail mail art, swap drawings and cute little stuff and postcards, so if your interested in that im your girl! No age or sex/gender restriction either.

Here’s my tumblr: http://meetwithoneanother.tumblr.com/ ask me anythings, lets talk about everything.

If you prefer my email, send me an imbox and i’ll give it to you 😉

xxxx Zara

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