I’m Brooke, 21, and I’m from Cardiff, Wales, UK. I’m studying filmmaking and my ultimate goal is to have a successful web series. My Tumblr is loveluststerek. I’m into my fandoms, and I love fanart and fics. My personality is my tumblr I think, so check that out before you message me, saves you wasting your time on me. I’m just looking to make friends, preferably in the US, as I’ve been there, loved it, and had a roommate from PA. I have anxiety, and I hate being alone, so I would just like someone to talk to when my roommates have gone out or to bed or something. I’m usually a night owl, so time differences don’t mean much to me. message me on my tumblr, or use brookesierfilms@gmail.com 🙂 Thanks!

(Over 18s please, and I’m open to package pals, my and my friend from america used to send each other candy exclusive to our location. It was fun!)

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  1. Remi JayaramanMay 16, 2012Ruth,Thank you for sharing! It was such a wnrfeodul, simply put explanation of your brother Nathan and your life with him. You are the perfect big sister for Nathan, and he is blessed by you.Love,Remi

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