Name: Carla

: 16 (17 in a week)

: Perth, Australia

Likes: colours pink and yellow, letters, tea, beach, summer, warm weather, BEN HOWARD, tom odell, mumford and sons, angus and julia stone, pll, nature, plants, bunnies, travelling and loads of other things but i dont want to ruin so i can put it in letters

Dislikes: rude people, books and movies where silly things happen and you cant tell the characters.. Not much im pretty open to others

What Im looking for: preferably snail mail but i wouldnt mind emailing or skyping, looking for someone of any gender between the ages of 15-20, any country is great but id really like to hear from someone outside of australia

Please please contact me through my email:
Carlaunicomb98 @ hotmail . Com

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