from the land down under.


Name: Georgia. Preferably G 

Age: 19. 

Location: Brisbane, Australia.

I’m looking for someone I can call friend. Someone i can write to and tell secrets and stories and send little gifts too. I want to write to someone who has stories to tell and places to be and things to try and life to experience.

I’m an education student; I’m studying to be a teacher. I have a fascination with language and lingustics and atronomy and biology. I like good food, and I like to cook and bake. I also like to sew. I drink a lot of a tea and I like to get up early and watch the sun come up. I like dancing around my kitchen while making pancakes and jumping tall fences at 3am to go to the beach with friends. I like making memories. I like taking my family to markets and movies. 

I speak/write/read/understand limited Japanese, and even more limited Spanish. My room is a constant mess. As is my hair. I live in bed when I’m not out and about. I love books. 

I want to hear about your memories and your family and your pets and your friends and your loves and your hates and the food you’ve eaten and the places you’ve been. 

I would prefer to write letters to someone around my own age, but I don’t mind the gender, sexuality, religion, political views, etc. As long as your human, make mistakes, and tell stories!

So message me if you’re interested. I hope to hear from you soon!

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