Hello! My name is Rin and I’m 19 (I promise this is true even though I look like a 14 year-old). I live in Pennsylvania, USA and am interested in getting some pen pals to write to because I love getting mail. 

Some things that I am looking for in a penpal:

– USA residences only; If postage wasn’t expensive, I’d write to people everywhere on the globe. Unfortunately, I need to keep costs down so domestic pen pals only please.
– 16-25 age range; I’d like to write to people who are around my age, just because it’s easier for me to build friendships with people who are going through similiar-ish struggles/life experiences. Gender doesn’t matter and I am LGBTQA+ friendly.
– You write the first letter; I’ve been writing letters for a long time now and sadly have to report that I’ve 10+ first letters that have never been responded to because the people who had asked to pen pals weren’t serious enough about it to write back to me. I’d really appreciate if you took the time to write the first letter so I know you’re serious about having a pen pal. In the past two years that I’ve been sending people snail mail, I have always written back (so you will get a response back from me). 

Okay, now that all that boring business stuff is out of the way, I can tell you a bit about me! For the record though, you don’t need to share these interests to be my pen pal. I LOVE hearing about things just going on in people’s lives. I want to hear all of your complaints and accomplishments. I want to be that person you can confide in and share what you’re thinking with. It would be cool if she shared similar interests, but what I am interested in is your daily life and the little mini-adventures you go on every single day!!

Hobbies/interests: rabbits, gardening, drawing, libraries, anime, hiking, public parks, soccer, podcasts, flowers, orange juice, lightning, and bearcats

If you’re interested, please send me an ask on tumblr: 

P.S – I send out stickers, doodles, and other things with my letters. You will be receiving at least something else besides a letter from me in your envelopes! Do not feel pressure to send me back things if you can’t/don’t want to, I don’t mind. I just like giving out little doodles and gifts with my letters. 

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