Looking for new Penpals!


I’m Florencia 18 y/o from Argentina.

My interest vary from
Books (Currently Reading: Throne of glass) to Swimming (I’m on a Team!) I love cats, cooking sweet things and YouTube. Comics, Pretty little liars and the moon are amazing as well. 

I speak two languages: My mother tongue Spanish and English. 

I will love to get in contact with people who want to talk about their interests and everyday life as well. It will be amazing if you are from Canada, U.K. Or a English speaking country, so you can help me out with my English. Anyways, I am open to other countries as well. Please, only people between the ages of 16 to 20.

Hope you have a amazing day!

Contact – nobodywantstobe-normal.tumblr.com/

Ps: if you celebrate Halloween I’m really interested in knowing more about it . We don’t celebrate it here but I always find it funny 🙂

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