Package Pal


Name: Taylor

: Saskatchewan, Canada

: 18

Email address
: taylor_mccormick @hotmail .com

: English

Likes: Photography, Art, Travel, Astrology, Scuba diving, Fine Jewelry, Gemstones, Bacon, Trying new things

Dislikes: Close minded people, Racism,

Looking for: Someone from another country to exchange cool things with, that might not be available in each other’s country with letters attached (or maybe we could email?).

Example: I might send all dressed chips because I heard they were only in Canada. We can send anything we want to each other!

Age: Between ages of 16 and 26

Contact me at: taylor_mccormick @hotmail . com

Fact: Im left handed, which means the right side of my brain is dominant. That side of the brain mainly focus’s on creativity. So I’m very creative and open minded.

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