Name: Gina

Age: 22

Location: California, USA

Likes: Obsessing over netflix shows, taking endless pictures of my dog, reading, sleeping, traveling, attending concerts, giraffes, buying things I don’t need, collecting succulents and obsessing over a ton of bands ( One Directions, 5SOS, The 1975, Bad Suns, The Neighbourhood, The Killers etc.)

Dislikes: People who don’t use their blinkers, yellow candies, the dark, large bodies of water, people sneezing and spiders.

What I’m looking for: Someone who will write back, anyone above the age of 18 and any gender. Someone with similar interests and doesn’t mind that I can’t draw….

You can email me grgina93 @
or through my tumblr:

Random Fact: I was 7 people away from meeting The 1975…..*sigh*

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