Hi there :)


Name: Cheryl 
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 23 

Likes: Any type of motor sport, try to get out on my motorcycle every day weather it be my streetbike or dirtbike. Total animal lover, have a cat names Chloe. Bon fires are a must in the summer and fall seasons. Really in to reading, Ray Bradbury is one of my favs. And love Tattoos. 

Dislikes: Petal bikes. (there is a reason)!!!!!

What i am looking for in a penpal, some one 22+ in age, im just looking for someone to share stories with and listen to your stories, funny moments sad moments.. anything really! Some to be able to vent to if i need venting. And someone to pretend to laugh at my dumb stores and jokes. 

Something about me: I have two 5inch scars on my left arm (with metal in there now) and a fake tooth…. hence my dislike above^^^ hahaha Wanna hear the story? 

You can reach me here 
or email
cheryl.campbell  @  hotmail  .ca

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