Hey guys! I had an ad on here before and had quite a few awesome penpals but sadly back in April I lost my best friend and god daughter on the same day and because of that my depression got super bad and I couldn’t function to even write people back it was bad. I am doing much better now though so I’m looking for some new penpals! (and if you were a penpal in the past please get back to me because I dont have your addresses anymore and would still love to write to you!)

My name is Jessika and I’m a 21 year old girl from the coast of South Carolina, US. I currently work at a bowling alley and also as a prop maker for cosplay. 

I love to travel, bake, create, read and write. I’m a whovian, tolkien, muggle who spends way too much time inside for how much I love nature. I’m also Pagan. I collect crystals and weird trinkets. I have a love for sloths. I cosplay and am an aspiring author. 

My perfect penpal is anyone really. I would prefer you to be at least 19 though because I don’t feel like I have as much in common with someone much younger. I speak English and a tad bit of German so if you speak German that would be awesome because I would love to practice! Boys or girls it doesnt matter as long as you are accepting of my faith and do not judge. I will do the same for you 🙂

You can shoot me a message at

Hope to hear from you!

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