Name: Başak Eva
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Language(s): English
Location: Turkey
Looking for a SNAIL MAIL body but we will also have eachother’s numbers and social media. Like instagram, twitter, facebook, whatsapp.. We will become friends so i want my penpal to be warm and friendly. Also someone who can send packages on eachothers birthdays (i love to do that! and since we will know everything about eachother i can make or get the best gift for them) I’ll be visiting Europe with Interbus and i would love to have friends in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Paris, Sophia.. So i can meet my penpal in person even for 3 hours 😀 

Also a Japanese or Korean penpal to talk about beauty products (im obssesed with their beauty products!)

Interests & hobbies: music (writing songs and singing), acting, youtube, reading, watching movies and TV series, comic books, sci-fi, making new friends, travelling, alternative fashion styles, watching anime, cosplay, skincare and beauty, concerts and festivals, shopping, making people happy
Likes: Music bands (Beatles, The Pretty Reckless, Imagine Dragons, Pink Floyd, Marina and The Diamonds. I like all the songs if the lyrics are good), Tv shows (Doctor Who, PLL, Vampire Diaries, Skins, Misfits, Sherlock, Arrow, Flash, Daredevil…) Animes (Sailor Moon, Black Butler, Vampire Knight, Nana)
 People who likes to watch stupid reality shows for hours, bugs, sexizm, bullying, prejudge

Important things about me: I have 2 tattoos. A semicolon and an arrow. I have major depression and i’ve had eating disorder. I’m a lot better now with years of taking meds but now i have goals in life and i’m trying hard to keep myself motivated and happy. My biggest dream is to become a succesful actress in the future. I have a youtube channel, my channel name is: Kawaii but Psycho

What I wish for in a pen pal:
 Age between 18-22. Gender doesn’t matter. Lives in Europe, Japan or Korea. I want my penpal to have same interest as me. And a want A LONG TERM FRIEND. That maybe one day i could visit (or my penpal can, my house is open to my friends 24/7) i want to send my penpal gift in christmas or birthdays. I want a foreign close friend.

How to contact me: basaksungur@icloud.com Dont forget to add your picture, where youre from, how old are you and your likes and interests.

Also, for more pictures instagram username: @kawaiibutpsycho

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