Want Some Postcards?


Hey everyone, 

My name is Shiralee and I’ve posted here a few times and I have some great penlas, and I’m not really looking for many more at the moment. BUT I do get free postcards from my university for the pen pals that I do have I have quite a few spare and I was wondering if anyone out there would like to do an exchange with me? 

I’m not hugely interested in postcard but getting a few would be cool, I’ll accept stationery, tea, chocolate and sweets and things, other little trinket things that you’d be willing to send or that represents where you’re from. I collect coins, stamps, and keyring, so some of those would be cool. And if you collect anything that I might be able to get let me know.  

The postcard that I have and get are free postcards so that often cool pictures that they are using to advertise and even or an art show or something cool like that, but they are lovely postcard in their own right. If there are particular themed postcards that you would like from Australia (the country that I live in) such as animals or cool australian things, or from the city of Hobart (the city where I live) please let me know and I will try to go out and buy a couple specially for you if I can. You will get more than one postcard too! And a letter also. If you have a particularly large love of tea too I might be able to work something out for you. I will be looking for a reciprocation that reflects the effort that I will put into what I’m sending you. 

If you are interested please contact me at shiralee9392 @ gmail . com
or at my Tumblr gingershira.tumblr.com/

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