Ron – (hopeful pen-pal).

Now I’m not sure how to do this properly so if you fancy reading on, I’ll just talk, share my interests, put the kettle on and drink a cup tea…

..that last parts for me.

Proven by my birth certificate I can say that I’m 21 and a Taurus, (if you believe in star signs and how they work that may tell you something, weirdly I find they can be true, though I’m no believer, However…)

I am also one totally kick ass Chef. Been one for coming up on 6 years, so likelihood is i will talk a lot about food, big fan Italian cooking. 

Anyway, born in England, raised abroad and if you want to keep in touch I’ll tell you more about my adventures growing up on a boat. Because of this I love talking about travel, different cultures, religions, and food. Though i never managed to learn another language. But i make an effort, so if you’re one of those gifted persons who can speak another language and fancy talking with a boring singularly linguistic girl, awesome. 

 I love reading (official bookworm alert notice), and i enjoy Netflix movie marathons, J.J Abrams TV shows, Doctor Who, Star constellations, The Wonders of the World, History, Myths, Steampunk, Camping, Bonfires, Festivals as well as pretty much every genre of music. Then there’s sports (surfing, martial arts, hockey..), photography, etc. Pretty much ask me anything. We can probably have a discussion, debate or i can give you a  lecture (I’m kidding on that last one). 

So thats some inside information, Lets wrap it up with, favourite season; Fall. And favourite animal, the Fox.

Right; Pen pals

No preference. 

I’m serious, i’m looking to meet new people, how can i start restricting you? 

So i conclude

I’m here looking to meet you all and make a few friends. 

So send me an email and we can get into skipping, postcards, letter or just general electronic communication. 

Hope to hear from you


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