Hello folks! My name is Vira, but you also may call me Vera. I’m 20 (the 9th of July). I live in Mariupol, Ukraine.

I always find it hard to tell about myself, but I will try. 


  • films: from French Nouvelle to Modern independent films and blockbusters. 
  • serials: OINB, Vikings, Scherlock, Orphan Black, How to Get Away with Murder, Mr. Robot etc.
  • music: from classics to Beyonce, but mostly I prefer listening to indie-rock/pop, electronic, new wave/cold wave etc. My favourite band is Spector. 
  • reading books and magazines: one of my favourite writers is Franz Kafka. And now I’m reading “Les Miserables” (I’m a student who studies English and Literature)
  • art 

Interesting fact: As I turned 20, I decided to leave my comfort zone more often and stop spending a lot of time alone. 

I am looking for a pan pals (email or snail) cause 

a) I want to meet awesome people. 

b) I want to improve my English. (also German, Dutch and Norwegian – I’m into these languages) 

c) I also want to exchange art, if I may say so. I have always been fond of writing. But I feel unconfident about what I am doing, so I write rarely. I thought, what if we (somebody and me) wrote a story with each letter. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Note: if you’re from Ukraine, Russia or Republic of Belarus feel free to write me.

Looking forward to getting a sign from you:

Carpe Diem! 

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