Name: Alissa

Age: 24

Location: Delaware, USA

Likes: animals (especially dogs like by fur baby, Oakley), cooking, baking, Pretty Little Liars, Disney, Netflix marathons, long walks (on the beach is great, but I’ll walk around most areas, haha), Harry Potter, teaching, black tea with no sugar or milk whatsoever, Target, sweets, reading, Legos, art, postcards, drive-thru Dunkin Donuts’ and Starbucks’, etc.

Dislikes: inconsiderate people, mosquitoes, ants, bad/aggressive drivers, when I have no dessert, winter, cabin fever, when my puppy won’t go to the bathroom and it’s raining outside, etc.

I’m looking for a pen pal who will write letters every 1 – 2 weeks. I’m a teacher so life gets incredibly hectic during the months of August through June so someone who is also understanding of my sometimes shorter/late letters would be great. Trinkets, tea bags, etc. are great to include (I often do) and I am certainly open to larger packages. I’d prefer the pen pal to be 20 – 30, but there are always welcome exceptions. I have no preference on gender, sexual orientation, religion, or location in the world.

Random fact:  On two separate occasions, I touched Aaron Carter’s hand and I’ve taken a selfie with Rupert Grint.

Please contact me via my Tumblr: 

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