Hello! My name is Jessica, I am Nineteen (only just!) and i live in England. I’m pretty new to the whole penpal and snail mail thing, but i’m completely in love with the idea!

I don’t want to go too in depth about my interests, just because i think i’d like to discuss them more through letters, but I love reading, especially YA – dystopian novels. I have a huge interest in photography although i am barely an amateur when it comes to taking my own pictures. 

I am a huge fan of Rock, Metal and pop punk music, and spend a lot of time listening and talking about bands and music, I enjoy festivals and gigs and its an interest i would like my pen pals to share. I don’t tend to watch too many films but I like Cult and horror films mostly, I watch a lot of TV, I am currently watching GoT, My mad fat diary, Vikings etc. I also like a bit of anime, such as Sailor moon, Tokyo Mew Mew and OHSHC! 

My perfect Pen pal would ideally be a similar age to me, around 17 – 20, but as long as we share interests i don’t particularly mind. I would like to get to know people outside the UK. I’d love to be able to send letters, post cards and cute small gifts!

Obviously i would like to spend a little time getting to know you before we start giving our personal information away, So if you’re interested in getting to know me a little more, you can contact me below; 

Email: JessicaH126

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