Name: Alex Delgado
Age: 19
Country: England 
Gender: Male
Languages: English, some Portuguese 
Interests/Hobbies: I’m a bit of a Netflix nut, I’m pretty much starting a new series every week. I also am a massive sports fan, I play for a cricket team and support Manchester United (queue the abuse) Love my comic books, trying to build a collection at the moment but I love House of M. I’m into all types of music to be honest but I’m really into melodic hardcore and my favourite band is Enter Shikari, love them! I study Film at uni so I’m a massive film fan. My favourite film is probably Inglorious Basterds. (also LOTR and The Hobbit, and basically all superhero films) My favourite TV show has to be Game of Thrones! 
Personal message: It’s awesome to get to know new people. It gives you more perspective on life which I’m all for! 
Contact info (email or Tumblr):

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: Any
Gender: Any
Age group: Any
Languages: English 
Email, snail mail or both: Honeslty I’m not fussed 
Anything else: nope

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