Name: Emily

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Age: 19

Contact info: emilyrichwine95@gmail.com or wickedd-vibes.tumblr.com

Info: I’m very easy going. I love new things I love old things. I have many interests and things I enjoy. TV shows make me so happy (American Horror Story, Supernatural, OITNB, Bones, Law & Order SVU, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries,) Longboarding and music is my escape from the world. All music is wonderful; I listen to a little bit of everything. 

Looking For: A friend, someone I can talk to about my week and funny things and just randomness. But also someone who can talk about deep stuff and not judge and just be cool about things. Any gender or sexuality is wonderful! Hope to hear from some of you beautiful people!! xoxo

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