Hi everybody! My name is Mike and I’m a pen wishing for a pal. Or…a pal wishing for a pen.

Anyways! I’m from the United States, Massachusetts to be exact and I’m heading off to college in a few months! With that in mind, I’m very outgoing and not the least bit shy but going to a new place and meeting new people is something I’m nervous about. But I still want as many friends as possible and I think the idea to have a penpal, or multiple penpals would be spectacular. I’m 17, turning 18 in July.

Ideally I’d like for my pal(s) to be around my age, but as long as your nice then it’s peachy! Gender or species doesn’t matter, you could be a dog and if you could write PLEASE write to me because having a dog as a pen pal would be brag worthy.

I play sports, football lacrosse and wrestling.

I love love love Pokemon where I battle competitively for actual competitions.

I love adventure time, Steven universe, gravity falls, over the garden wall, and basically any anime you throw my way. If I haven’t heard of it, I’ll surely watch it.

I love drawing.

But even if you don’t match these, I’m down for meeting people with different interests because it gives me a chance to see new things.

So if you’re at all interested, please contact me at Selatenin-

Thank you!

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