I’m Courtney. I’m 19 and I live in New York, US  <<not NYC, I’m not that cool>>.

I’m pretty lame, tbh. I’m a sophomore/junior in a state university, and I’m studying Spanish and French. I love love love language. It’s a weird thing to love, but I’m far from normal. I also very much enjoy tattoos (I have five currently), movies, writing, dogs, Harry Potter and girls. 

I don’t particularly like spaghetti or public speaking. I’m a shy person. 

I would absolutely adore having a penpal (I have some, but they’re inmates…long story short, not my kind of company) to talk to and learn about. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, I’ll love you all the same!

My personal preferences would be snail mail or e-mail, but I think skype would be perf except that I’m awkward and anxious, so it would take a little warming up if you’re cool with that! 

FUN FACT: I’m the squad mother, also the conscience. 

E-mail: horserider96 @
Instagram: _ducktail_
Kik & Skype: bfsxoxo1

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