Hello! So I’m Emilee and I’m from California, USA!!

I’m REALLY into: 

  • Fall Out Boy
  • The Walking Dead
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Reading
  • Science (mainly physics/engineering lol sorry nerd alert)
  • Plants

I really like all kinds of music (it’s a really wide range)
And I watch quite a few tv shows (especially ones like NCIS or CSI:Miami)

I’m REALLY not into: 

  • S P I D E R S (I have arachnophobia) 
  • close minded people
  • that’s kinda it actually
  • OH all bugs besides worms, butterflies/caterpillars, and ladybugs 

I’d first like to email or message each other on tumblr first. And then I’d really like to find another snail mail buddy (or an email buddy)!! I have one right now and we’ve been sending letters back and forth for just about a year!

Also I’d like to talk to anyone from [15-19] years old who lives anywhere in the USA or even someone from out of the country maybe? But most likely I’d rather have an email buddy if it’s someone from out of country. 🙂

I hope I have convinced you into wanting to talk to me!! So if I have, you can message me at: 

one random fact:I really enjoy going to visit different museums, especially art museums (I always buy postcards because so pretty)

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