Hi there! My name is Kayli, Im 16 and from California, USA.

Im into all sorts of things, mainly witchcraft (Im wiccan), gems and stones and junk, animals, painting, anything food related, books, Lotsa things. Im also polyamorous so I guess that’s a special thing.

I dislike things like ignorance and homophobia, And if you don’t like animals you don’t like me sorry :p

Im looking for someone to just be a pen pal with. Snail mail, email, Skype, whatever works really! Im also looking for someone around my age but I mean I don’t really care honestly anyone of any gender/race/sex/species is welcome! ❤️ I would prefer someone not in the USA but It’s not a big deal to me

You can contact me at my tumblr
or you can email me at
(Kaylibug650 @

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