Hello! I’m Sara, 19, from the DC area.

I’m majoring in special education, work at a daycare and preschool(I LOVE my kids and will likely gush about them), volunteer at an animal shelter, have a lot of mentoring experience, am a cat mother, a vegetarian, a humanist, and very liberal.
Interests/likes: existentialism, absurdism, objectivism, poetry, Albert Camus, Charles Bulowski, classic rock, punk rock, animals, farmers markets, thrift stores, tangible pictures, psychology, blankets, crafts, being outside, intersectional feminism, etc.
Dislikes: any form of ignorance, guns, people who are uncomfortable with the Black Lives Matter movement, country music, hunting, shallow judgments, etc.

I’d love to meet a pen pal (or a few) that I connect with, so if we share interests or you think we’d get along, please feel free to message me! No gender or location preference but I only speak English. I’d prefer someone 17-24!

Tumblr: rush-push
Twitter: bajiwaji
Instagram: bajiwaji

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