Looking for a photo bundle pen pal! (details inside)


Hello there lovely tumblrs 🙂
I’m posting here and asking for something slightly different, I realize.

What I’m hoping to find is a snail mail friend who I can exchange photos with

Just a while back I bought a little printer that prints 4×6 (inches) prints, and I’d love to share my adventures (not that I have many) and my general life, with you. Kind of like snapchat, but the snail mail version 🙂 ideally I’d like to send and receive photos every couple weeks, to see how your life is going and what your little corner of the world looks like 🙂

*Disclaimer: before I go on, I have to state that by no means am I a good photographer or anything. I am truly an amateur! Im not looking for someone to blow my mind with every photo (although that would be cool). All i’m saying is you dont have to be a photographic genius for this, haha. My standards arent that high 🙂 just please dont send me a photo of your cereal every morning, hahah. Just show me the things you like, love, care about, are passionate about, a book youre reading, a nice sunset you caught. Stuff like that. Disclaimer over*

In a nutshell: hoping to find a snail mail pal who I can trade pictures with. Take some pictures throughout your week, and print them out and mail them to me in an envelope. If you want to include a little note explaining the pictures, or a short letter, thats cool too. We could find a comfortable period of time that works for both of us, and send out these little ‘photo bundles’ every so often, so we get a nice flow going on 🙂

Also, I snail mailed extensively at the start of the year, when I had a lot of free time. Sadly, life got in the way and also I took on too many pen pals, because I couldnt say no. This time around, im going to have to put my foot down and say I can only really do this with one person – both money and time wise. I figure its only fair to all of us :,) I hope you understand.

For those too lazy, my details are –

Name: Dom

Age: 27

Location: Australia

If after all this, youre still interested, please do the following:

1) take a deep breath, and smile

2) say your name backwards three times

3) start a new email message
4) write your

  • -name
  • -age
  • -location
  • -why you want to be my photo buddy
  • -and anything else you wish to include 

5) please attach a current photo of your face so I can see who I’m talking to

6) send it to futterblydreams @ gmail . com (without the spaces of course)

**Important** – please make sure you email me, and dont contact me through my tumblr. I honestly am never on it anymore. Thanks! ****

And of course, it would be cool if we could email a little while, and get to know each other a bit. I’m hoping to find someone like minded that I click with! I know not everyone in the world gets along with each other, and thats fine. 

I look forward to hearing from you, future photo buddy! Hope youre all having a lovely day!

Contact – 

futterblydreams @ gmail . com

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