Name: Jalissa (17)

Location: US, Florida

About Myself: Okay so I would consider myself a very silly person, but also very serious. I enjoy deep conversations and dumb jokes. I tend to be very straight up with my friends because sugar coating just isn’t my thing. I don’t completely understand myself as of yet, but I’m getting there. I eat a lot of food and sleep the majority of the day unless someone has my attention. I make weird noises and faces, and enjoy good company whether physical or through texting, phone call, or skype/facetime. I have this really great power where I can fall asleep mid conversation especially if it is pat 2am. I am a weightlifter, I loveeee weightlifting but I only do it during season, so not very committed. I listen to all types of music: rap, hip-hop, r&b, & there is this type of music I listen too but I don’t know if its indie or not someone should help me figure that out lol. I watch a lot of Netflix, because I‘m a bum lol. I’ve always wanted to watch a movie with someone over video chat (I know I’m weird). I love my room very cold and I like open minded people. I just really crave deep conversations and someone who is able to make me question my views and possibly change my views on things.

P.S. I love reading and I used to write.

Also don’t be rude.

Looking For:  A penpal who is pretty chill, and easy to talk to. Gender does not matter to me, but I prefer someone who is  16+, and is willing to send snail mail and little gifts if possible. I could do US or foreign penpals. Emails, texting, and skype/facetime  is total cool with me too. If you happen to be bilingual, you could totally try to teach me. Someone who will actually want to have a legit conversation whenever we speak, and the conversation doesn’t feel forced. Also someone who actually wants to develop a really good friendship for quite a long time.

Contact me:
Jalissa.freeman @ yahoo .com
Kik: jalissaf_

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