Seeking Snail mail Pen Pal :)


Hey everyone! My name is Sammi, I am an 18 year old girl who lives in the US. 

I am posting on here, looking for a friend who loves to write and share about themselves. I hope to find someone who open minded and easy going. I find writing on a piece of paper is so much more sentimental then emails. There’s just something about seeing someones handwriting that kind of makes you feel like you know them. Along with exchanging likes and dislikes. Hobbies and interests, and about one another’s cultures, maybe souvenirs 🙂 

So if you are someone who looking for a friendship or just communication and wonder about a different culture then email me! I find it so fascinating learning about people around the world, seeing how different our lives can be and yet how beautiful each life is. 

Contact – sammiolson5411 @

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