I’m looking for a pen pal via email


My name is Savannah, and I live in Indiana, USA. I’m sixteen now, and I’ll be seventeen in December.

I like:

  • Reading YA fiction and fantasy, and also classic lit. My favorite books are The Great Gatsby, Slaughter House Five, and Paper Towns.
  • Watching tons upon tons of movies. I basically live on Netflix, and my favorite movies are definitely any single Brat Pack/John Hughes film, Hot Pursuit (the 1987 one w/ John Cusack), and Clueless. Im way too into Film Lit, weird :/ .
  • Watching Supernatural. That show is ruining my life and I need someone to scream with about how ridiculous Sam and Dean are. 
  • listening to sad/indie/rock music. I’m so lame when it comes to music, and I listen to lots of dumb alternative music. My favorite bands are Arctic Monkeys and Noah and The Whale.
  • History! So fun! Salvador Dali was totally a sociopath and Charles Lindbergh killed his own baby! I’m mostly interested in 19th/20th American history and art history from anytime, any place.
  • Traveling. I’ve lived in Australia, Portugal, and Cancun. I’ve visited many, many, many other places. I can’t wait to be able to travel like I want to!

I dislike:

  • Improper grammar when writing. By god, I’m so sorry if you’re illiterate.
  • Mornings. I don’t function properly until noon or so, and manage to operate normally into the early morning hours.
  • Hatred in general. Homophobes, sexists, racists, and the like.
  • People with music/movie/book superiority complexes. I’ve always thought that all of it is just a different combo of letters, words, and feelings, so what use is it to pretend to be superior to others?
  • Memorizing anything. I have a terrible memory, but what’re you gonna do?

I’m looking for a pen pal via email, because I’m constantly on my computer. I’d love to share art and writing, and letters wouldn’t be bad :). I’m looking for anyone (M/F), ages 16-20, and from any place!

I guess a random fact about me is that I quite literally know every single lyric to every single Disney princess song, even though I haven’t sat down and watched the films in years.

Contact – savgirl98.tumblr.com/

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