I’m looking for a snail mail pal


My name is Ariel. I’m 29 years old and from California, USA. 

I’m looking for a snail mail pal who would like to exchange letters and the occasional package or art or would be open to receiving my weird doodles and polaroids of San Diego life in the mail. 

I’m a certified nursing assistant by trade but I am an artist in my down time. I watercolor, participate in mixed media, dabble in photography but really devote most of my time to writing and creating artists books. 

I love to talk popular TV…I’m glued to netflix. I play a lot of video games (Mass Effect, Bioshock, Dragon Age, Fallout, Skyrim) and listen to whatever happens to be playing on the pop stations on the radio although I like Radiohead and Florence more than most. I spend a lot of time hiking, camping and working out as well so if you need someone who can be motivational I’m all for that as well.

I’m looking for someone older than 18, other than that it doesn’t matter. 

You can send me an ask on my tumblr for my address. fadesick.tumblr.com/ask

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