Hi my name is Jenny, I’m 14, I’m from Engand I’m also bisexual

I’ve been a bit down lately and decided to open up and get a snail mail/Skype friend/email buddy.

A bit about me: I’m a pastel Goth. I have quite bad anxiety and am warring with myself weather to do this or not.                           

Likes                                                                                                                    I love drawing and art, I play minecraft, anything crafty and fun,snakes,sewing and stuff 

Dislikes                                                                                                                lgbt+ phobia, racism, people who don’t except or try to understand me 

My preferences

  • I don’t mind your sexuality or race
  • I’d prefer someone who is female but it isn’t a big concern
  • Must live in Britain (because postal prices)
  • age 14-16
  • wouldn’t mind receiving and sending little gifts occasionally

Contact me though tumblr (
or skype (onehotmess13)  

I don’t know really what else to add but to my future pen pal I hope we are good friends : )                                                                                                   

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