I love plants and art


Hi my name is Stephanie and I’m 18 years old. I live on a small island in the western pacific its a US territory. Its really beautiful here and I’d love to send you post cards to show you for yourself. 

I am in college studying culinary arts. I hope to be a chef one day 

I only speak English i can kinda read basic japanese 

  • I love plants and art (i cant draw cute things but i can try so if you ever get art from me you know i put a whole lot of effort into it) 
  • I love binge watching TV series on netflix like Gossip Girl, Doctor Who, TVD, OTH, Skins, Friends, Once Upon a Time, etc. So if you have a good show to recommend Ive got time to watch. MY ABSOLUTE ALL TIME FAV MOVIE IS GREASE I COULD WATCH THAT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 
  • I love reading adventure/love/mystery/magic books 
  • I love DIYing i find it super fun so you can expect some little DIY things from me 🙂

If youre not into sending packages thats totally okay we can just be penpals!  Im totally down to send care packages too! Id love to share island life with you 

Looking for: 

  • Penpals and snailmail 
  • I prefer if youre 17-24 but i could penpal with anyone really 
  • Any place i think would be fine i have a lot of stamps 
  • Any gender, race, sexuality I dont discriminate id actually love to learn more about your culture/sexuality/religion. 

*This is my first time penpaling too so bare with me i promise to do my research before sending any out but my letters will get better over time* 

My tumblr is mahpari.tumblr.com 
Email is stephdancel @ yahoo.com

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