I am Leigh, from Oregon in the US


I am Leigh, from Oregon in the US. (I’m 33, which is like grandma-old in tumblr years, but whatever, grandmas are cool!)

Likes: fan art, zentangles… trying new foods… hiking, camping… a little bit of every music genre… I like reading alot… vicarious squeeing (it may not be my otp, but I will squee on your behalf)… Learning to say yes to more things.

Dislikes: being embarrassed about who I am

I am looking for a snail mail, email, culture exchange, and/or art exchange penpal. I don’t mind mixing it up either… emails and a birthday package, snail mail and a new years gift, fan art postcards… whatever! Basically, I have time on my hands and i need a creative outlet.

Email: nerdygeekgirlme @ gmail . com
Tumblr: nerdygeekgirl.tumblr.com/

Random Fact: I was forced to officially retire from playing “Seven Degrees” when I got Benedict Cumberbatch to Marilyn Monroe in four… without looking on the internet.

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